What Is The Cayenne Pepper Diet?

Cayenne Pepper Diet

Sometimes this diet is referred to as a “quick fix” for weight problems. It has long been suspected that cayenne pepper can suppress the immune system, and according to Richard Mattes, PhD, RD of Purdue University, it may also increase energy levels, and therefore activity. Suppressed appetite with increased energy is a great weight loss formula.

Aside from the weight loss, cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is known to kill harmful bacteria and increase circulation. Topical capsaicin reduced pain and inflammation, and some people claim that cayenne pepper capsules taken daily help with arthritic pain and joint inflammation.

What Exactly is The Cayenne Pepper Diet?

Some call it a diet, and others call it a cleanse. Anyone who has tried a cleanse knows that it is no easy feat. This diet involves a 10-day fast, and a potion made up of 2 tablespoons lemon juice, a tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons grade B maple syrup, and 10 ounces of water.

Cayenne Pepper Diet Ingredients

What is Grade B Maple Syrup?

There is a bit of confusion about what “grade B” maple syrup is. Some healthy eaters say that grade B is darker and contains more minerals. Syrup manufacturers agree that grade B is darker, but that the mineral content is the same as lighter grade A syrup. Grade B has less sugar concentration, but more maple flavor, and is preferred by many cooks and bakers for that reason.

Go Organic!

When choosing spices for any preparation the key is to go as organic and natural as possible. Not all spices are processed the same, and sometimes fillers and emulsifiers are added to increase the texture and visual appeal of a spice. In the Cayenne Pepper Diet it is most beneficial to seek out pure, organic, cayenne that is as fresh as possible.

Organic Cayenne Pepper Diet

Potential Side Effects

It is never recommended to begin a fast (or diet) without a quick visit to the doctor. Fasting will affect blood sugar levels, which can be harmful to anyone whose health isn’t optimum. Some of the side effects have included dizziness, severe headaches, and fatigue. Depriving a body of the nutrients it is used to getting can result in very uncomfortable sensations. Because of the hunger that goes along with a fast, the cayenne pepper potion is consumed 6 – 12 times each day.

Consuming pepper suddenly could result in discomfort and heartburn in the stomach. This is usually temporary, but can be uncomfortable for anyone not used to eating spicy food. Some people may experience irritation in the mouth or throat as well. Some dieters experienced skin problems, presumably from bodily impurities that were escaping in sweat.

Cayenne Pepper Diet Side Effects

Some people just can’t endure a 10-day fast. The extreme hunger and discomfort for some people is too much, and inhibits their ability to function normally. Many reports of the Cayenne Pepper Diet include giving up after 2-3 days. Other reviewers reported that the potion is so unpleasant that it caused gagging and heaving, causing some to give up on the diet.

There is little medical evidence to suggest that a cleanse is effective even though many people report feeling better after a cleanse, but some people are not able to endure the rigors of completing the fast. It is critical that people on a long fast begin eating solid food slowly, so soups and liquids should be consumed for a day or two after the fast is done.

Proponents of the Cayenne Pepper Diet Promote These Benefits:

  • Rapid weight loss.
  • Reported bodily cleansing.
  • Increased energy.
  • Improved liver and organ function (because of cleansing).

Detractors Criticize the Cayenne Pepper Diet Because:

  • Side effects that are uncomfortable and impair function during the fast.
  • Cleansing has no medical support as being beneficial.
  • The flavor of the drink is unpleasant.
  • Consuming spicy pepper can cause stomach discomfort and oral irritation.
  • The 10-day fast is too hard to endure.

The harshest criticism of this diet come from nutritionists that believe that a temporary fast geared to weight loss causes the dieter to lose water weight and muscle mass. Loss of muscle mass is not good for long-term weight loss because muscle that burns calories is what the body needs to maintain healthy weight. Some health experts criticize the lack of exercise in the diet because muscle mass needs to be kept proportionate.

It is proven that very fast weight loss is rarely permanent and often comes back as quickly as it has been lost. The yo-yo effect is not good for cardiovascular health or steady blood sugar, and slower long-term weight loss is almost always more permanent. Finally, the belief of many is that a 10-day weight loss solution doesn’t address habitual behaviors that contribute to weight gain saying that diet and healthy weight are a daily discipline over a lifetime.

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